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Cleanroom Sheet Vinyl Flooring - Euro-Flex® Antistatic

Cleanroom Sheet Vinyl Flooring - Euro-Flex® Antistatic

Euro-Flex ® Antistatic - Cleanroom Sheet Vinyl Flooring
  • No wax required
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be heat welded at the seams
  • Can be flash coved at walls and corners
  • Can be installed with Sigaway Original Dry Adhesive
  • Dry adhesive installations are odorless and instantly ready for traffic
  • Dry adhesive installations can go over most existing floor coverings
  • Can be installed with traditional wet adhesive
  • Resistance to Ground: <1.0E11 RTG
  • Anti-static properties

Euro-Flex ® Antistatic Cleanroom Sheet Vinyl Flooring is a semi-glossy vinyl floor covering that is perfect for use in cleanrooms, laboratories, medical rooms, etc.  The seams are heat welded to provide solid seamless installation.  It can be flash coved at the walls and corners to make rooms easy to clean and maintain.  Contact adhesive tape is recommended for flash coving applications.

It is most often installed using Sigaway Original.  Installations using Sigaway Original are instantly ready for use.  These installations are odorless and fast.  The new flooring can be installed over the existing flooring surface to minimize downtime.  The existing flooring surface must be smooth, flat, dry, and well bonded to the subfloor.  


  • Roll Size: 4.5' x 66' or 1.4m x 20m
  • Coverage area per roll: 297 sqft or 28 sqm
  • Thickness: 2 mm
  • Patterns: Smooth Semi Glossy Surface (FSG) or High Traction Surface (HT)
  • Resistance to Ground (RTG): <1.0E11
  • Can be heat welded
  • Can be flash coved
  • Adhesive: Uzin KE 2000SL (wet adhesive) or TSC Sigaway Original (dry adhesive)

Maintenance ESD Unifloor or Euro-flex Antistatic:
Follow detailed maintenance instructions.

Limited Warranty ESD Unifloor or Euro-Flex sheet vinyl:

Products are warranted for ONE YEAR if installed in strict adherence to all factory specifications on approved sub-floors and by trained personnel. No warranty is extended for installation on subfloors having > 3.0 lb./1000 sf.moisture by the calcium chloride test method or , or > 80% rH on on-grade or below-grade subfloors where a film moisture barrier is not provided. Products are warranted for FIVE YEARS against non-conformance to technical specifications and deterioration of properties under normal conditions of use. Warranties are limited to repairing, or at seller’s op on replacing products if notice of defect is given in writing and if TSC’s examination shows that the products have failed under the terms and limitations of this warranty. No responsibility for the cost of removal, reinstallation or freight can be assumed under this warranty. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to audit electrical performance of the products prior to their installation, and to determine the suitability of the materials and of the subfloor conditions for the intended use. Electrical performance must be audited on a continuing basis in the facility


Color match and marbleization are subject to commercial tolerances within the same dye-lot. Confirm suitability of different dye-lots prior to installation. Claims for color match or any other visible material defects or damages are not accepted after installation.

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