High Technology Specialty Flooring
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Sales Policy & Warranty

Sales Policy

We sell FOB shipping point.

Merchandise remains our property until paid in full.

We require completion of a 2 page credit application with authorization to release information and agreement to terms of sale to be signed by officers of the company. We ship upon receipt of 50% deposit, Balance payable Net-30.

We decline responsibility for materials received damaged in transit. We are not responsible for delays by freight carriers. Most of our materials are subject to commercial shade match variations, and we decline responsibility for materials with visible defects or with shade match variations after such materials are installed.

It is the responsibility of the purchaser to verify the suitability of our products for their intended purpose.

It is the responsibility of the purchaser to confirm the suitability of sub-floors, to confirm the presence of moisture barriers, to conduct moisture tests and confirm such tests to be in the acceptable range of < 3.0 lbs/1000 sft by the calcium chloride test method.

Limited Warranties

Limited warranties vary by product, and are applicable only if materials are installed professionally on suitable and approved sub-floors with approved adhesives and within approved moisture limits.

Warranties will be for replacement of materials only, not for completed operations made by others, and specifically exclude installation labor, labor to remove, freight, or damage of materials incurred outside our control.

In order to process a warranty claim, we must have the opportunity to inspect, test the installation, test moisture levels and obtain product samples from the installation. No warranty claim can be processed once the evidence has been destroyed by removing materials from the installed site prior to inspection.