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ESD Heavy Duty Industrial Antistatic Carpet Roll G.T. 2000

Heavy Duty Industrial Antistatic Carpet G.T. 2000


Fine-G.T. 2000 and Fine-Accent carpets are made by Findeisen (Germany), These products are designed for extra heavy traffic and industrial (factory flooring) applications. Flammability ratings qualify for airport and FAA applications.



Sub-floors must be dry (< 3lb/1000sf. per ASTM F1689) (< 80% rH per ASTMF2170) for installation with liquid adhesives.

Concrete sub-floor preparation should conform to ASTM F 710. Request detailed installation instructions.

Full surface glue-down with liquid adhesive (sub-floors must be absorbent concrete).

If an static electrical properties are required, install with UZIN KE 2000 SL conductive adhesive (carpet U notched trowel 100 sf./gall. spread). If anti static properties are not required for installation, use high quality non-conductive adhesive, such as TSC300. For full surface glue-down over non-absorbent sub floors (such as epoxy, asbestos, terrazzo, metal, access floor panels, old vinyl or VCT old flooring) or over non-absorbent concrete use an absorbent cementitous primer.



Humidity changes can cause dimensional changes of polyamide carpet. The use of dry full surface double sided adhesive tape Sigaway® Original (non-conductive) or Sigaway® Electronic (conductive) is specifically NOT recommended for this carpet. F- G.T.2000 or F-Accent products are not suitable for perimeter taping or loose lay uses



Vacuum clean followed by hot water extraction of non-film forming neutral detergents followed by clean water rinsing. Maintenance Instructions.

Limited Warranty:

Anti static carpet roll is warranted for One Year if installed in strict adherence to installation instructions, sub-floor conditions when using recommended adhesives. The carpet is warranted for Five Years against non-conformance to technical specifications or for deterioration of properties under normal conditions of use. Warranty is for replacement of nonconforming product only. No responsibility for the cost of removal or re-installation, or freight, or consequential damages caused by non-conforming product is assumed by the manufacturer.

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