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TSC Promont ® Dry Contact Cement

TSC Promont ® Dry Contact Cement

TSC Promont ® is a fiber re-enforced VOC free acrylic dry contact cement film adhesive in roll form. It replaces solvent based or water based contact cements in a number of applications. TSC Promont does not pose the fire or explosion risks that are associated with solvent-based contact adhesives. TSC Promont can be used in small confined space, such as in marine cabins or aircraft. TSC Promont has excellent shelf life and does not dry out. It is freeze stable. TSC Promont adheres instantly and saves the 30-45' waiting time associated with liquid contact cements.

SKU 6805-2550 Rolls 1" x 165' (25 mm x 50 m 5/box)
SKU 6805-3550 Rolls 1.4" x 165' (35 mm x 50m 4/box)


Health and Environmental Benfits
TSC Promont does not cause nausea, headaches or skin rashes; it is non allergenic and non- carcinogenic. TSC Promont adhesive is VOC free, free of solvents, odors, formaldehyde and chlorine and is environmentally friendly. There are no restrictions to waste disposal.

TSC Promont is suitable for permanent applications of PVC and metal extrusions, such as reducers, profiles and end caps. TSC Promont may be applied to clean, dust- and oil- free surfaces of wood, concrete, vinyl or VCT, ceramic tile, terrazzo, or metal. The outstanding resistance of TSC Promont to plasticizer allows the use of the product on wall plaster, vinyl painted surfaces and plastic surfaces containing plasticizers.

To fasten rigid (metal) profiles first level the floor (to < .02" between highs and lows.) Use only gray portland cement leveling compounds with acrylic milk additives which are structurally strong and dust free. Clean the floor and the profile surfaces of any grease, oil, dust or soil.

Apply TSC Promont film adhesive either to the floor surface or directly to the profile. Remove the release paper from the film and immediately stick the profile to the floor or wall surface. Rub or use a rubber mallet to assure firm and permanent bond over entire profile.

Video # 3 TSC Promont

TSC Promont dry contact cement is not suitable for tack-strip (creep) or for some rubber profiles or skirting (mold releases). The use of TSC Promont for narrow stair nosing is restricted to metal nosing that is also fastened with screws or nails or further adhered with epoxy or urethane permanent adhesive. 

CAUTION: Request Detailed Installation Instructions and conduct tests before installation. 

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