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Sigaway® Supertape 7900

Sigaway® Supertape 7900 is a textile reinforced full surface acrylic dry, solvent- and odor free self stick installation system. Suitable for installing solid homogeneous sheet or tile vinyl over absorbent concrete or over non-absorbent subfloors, such as terrazzo, ceramic tile, solid vinyl, asbestos, VCT, epoxy, fiberglass, metal or concrete. Sigaway® Supertape 7900 has the same degree of adhesion to both surfaces and is not designed to be removable. PVC may be heat-welded immediately. Installations may be subjected to traffic and rolling loads instantly. (Use indoors only. Not Suitable for moist sub-floors or for installation on stairs.)

SKU 7900-100020 Rolls 39.5” x 66’ (1 m x 20 m)

Material Safety Data Sheet
See SDS Sigaway Original, Expofix, Supertape 7900

Sigaway® may be installed without a primer only over dry, structurally sound firm, dust and oil-free surfaces, such as concrete, old glue-down carpet, VAT, vinyl composition tile,. homogeneous vinyl sheet or tile, poured epoxy or urethane, old feather finish leveled ceramic tile, metal, stone, or terrazzo. Moisture limitations Dry shall be defined as < 3.0 lbs/1000 sft per ASTM F 1869; Less that 80% rH per ASTM F 2170 and a pH of 7-9. It may be used over steel or HPL covered access floors. It may be used over wood and parquet, plywood and laminates only if these sub-floors are free of acrylic finishes and are not directly installed over on-grade or below-grade concrete without an air space between the concrete and the wood products (Moisture!!). Dry adhesive may not be used over gypsum patches. Not suitable for outdoor installations. Alternately, the product may be installed over moisture barrier primers that are capable of blocking < 7.0 – 16 lb/1000 sft (see Notes on moisture barrier primers in the Technical Data Section)


Installation Video #1 Sigaway Original solid vinyl sheet, tile and plank over concrete or old vinyl

Installation Video #2 Sigaway Original for Carpet over concrete or over old gluedown carpet

New Flooring
Sigaway® may be used to adhere carpet with jute, Action Bac®, SBR foam back, Unibond and carpet tile with glass fiber reinforced vinyl backings or bituminous backings. It is also used to install solid vinyl sheet or tile.

Unsuitable New Flooring
Dimensionally non-stable flooring products, rubber sheet or tile, vinyl composition tile (dusty back), wood or laminate floors, cork, cocos are not suitable. Certain recycled rubber flooring has limited suitability. Recycled EPDM based rubber is not suitable.

Advantages of Installation with Sigaway® Dry Adhesive
Save the dust, debris, expense of disposal of old flooring and re-prepping of old sub-floors necessitated by tear out. Dry adhesive has no open time. It can be laid directly over old floors. Vinyl may be heat welded immediately. Installations may be subjected to rolling loads and heavy traffic without waiting.

Note: Always Consult Detailed Manufacturers Installation Instructions and make test installations prior to installing large areas.

Roll out Sigaway® perpendicular to new flooring. Overlap and double cut seams. For carpet over carpet use Siga construction tape to re-enforce perimeters and seams beneath the Sigaway®. Unroll new carpet or vinyl, seam seal as per manufacturer's specifications. Roll and put into service.

Installation Instructions
CAUTION: Request Detailed Installation Instructions and conduct tests before installation.

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