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Remur 95 By Sifloor/Uzin

Remur 95 By Sifloor/Uzin

Remur 95 is a patented metal re-enforced double sided installation contact cement adhesive tape that can be guaranteed to prevent shrinkage of highly plasticized extruded PVC base by stopping plasticizer migration from the profile to the wall. Remur features two different adhesives: the exposed adhesive side is applied to the wall, whereas the adhesive covered by the release paper is used to adhere the vinyl profile or sheet. Do not apply the exposed adhesive side to the base or profile. Do not use Remur for rubber or rubber backed carpet base or for pvc free flooring.

Remur has the advantages of VOC free acrylic dry contact cement film adhesive in roll form. It replaces solvent based or water based contact cements for highly plasticized vinyl profiles. Remur does not pose the fire or explosion risks that are associated with solvent-based contact adhesives. Remur can be used in small confined spaces, such as in marine cabins or aircraft. Remur has excellent shelf life and does not dry out. It is freeze stable. Remur adheres instantly and saves the 30-45' waiting time associated with liquid contact cements. Remur requires smooth walls < 1mm (< 1/25”) between highs and lows.


1. Flash Coving of Solid Vinyl
Remur is used to flash cove and subsequently heat weld the seams of highly plasticized vinyl flooring. Remur dry film adhesive tape is particularly useful in health care facilities where the prevention of odors or solvent vapors from contaminating air circulation systems is critical. Do not use Remur for rubber for pvc free flooring.

2. Installing PVC Base or Profiles
Remur is used to adhere highly plasticized (up to 35%) vinyl base or profiles to structurally cleanand level < 1mm (< 1.25”) deviation between highs and lows. Do not use Remur for rubber or rubber backed carpet base or for pvc free profiles or for wood profiles.

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