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ESD Anti-Static Euro-Flex™ CSD NFSI High Traction Vinyl Tile

Euro-Flex™ CSD NFSI High Traction

Physical Properties and Installation & Maintenance

Euro-Flex™ CSD Type II HT is a NFSI certified High Traction 2" x 2' solid vinyl tile in a coarse semi-dull pattern.

Manufacturing Technology
Euro-Flex™ CSD HT High Traction tile is made by a co-extrusion technology which combines 100% solid vinyl chips of various primary colors and shapes to produce unique styles that replicate real stone, gravel, or commercial carpet. The solid vinyl chips are extruded onto a soft plasticized backing layer which aids noise reduction and allows the tile to be flash-coved.

The solid vinyl chips in the wear layer of High Traction euro-flex tile provide superior heavy traffic abrasion resistance and result in a semi-dull rough surface that does not have the cleaning problems that are normally associated with conventional carbide chip safety floors. 

Recommended Application
Use Euro-Flex™ CSD High Traction tile in all applications where wet high traction is required. Examples are produce isles of supermarkets, food service, cafeterias, retail spaces, public buildings, offices, healthcare and rehabilitation facilities, theaters, museums, art galleries, corridors in schools, conference centers and hospitality areas. The tile is also ideal for cruise ships, buses, theme parks and display areas. 

Short Form Specification
Floor tile shall be 24"x24" Euro-Flex™ CSD Type I HT (fine semi-dull) High Traction, as manufactured in the EEC for Tek Stil Concepts, Inc., P.O. Box 67, Haddonfield NJ 08033. The material shall be manufactured as a co-extruded tile with a hard, High Traction, in total 2.7 mm gauge (.032") with a solid vinyl wear layer and a flexible vinyl supporting layer, in standard or custom colors as specified by the architect, or facility owner. NFSI Certified Products meet the requirements of B101.1 ANSI/NFSI Standard Test Method for Measuring Wet SCOF (Static Coefficient of Friction of Common Hard Surface Floor Materials COF>.60.

Tiles: 24" x 24" x .11" gauge (60.8 cm x 60.8 cm x 2.7 mm) 

Tiles: 15 tiles/box (60 sft.) = Weight 45 lb/box (21 Kg/box) 

16 standard colors. Custom colors require a 3,500 sft. order.

Color Match and marbleization are subject to commercial tolerances. No claims for visible defects or shade matching are accepted after installation.

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