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ESD Anti-Static Safefloor Guard NFSI High Traction Vinyl Roll Flooring

Safefloor Guard NFSI High Traction

Physical Properties and Installation & Maintenance

Safefloor Guard is a carbide chip containing .1" gauge sheet vinyl High Traction Safety floor. Safefloor Guard is heat-weldable.

Manufacturing Technology
Safefloor Guard is a calandered sheet vinyl with granular silicon carbide chips in the surface and features a fiberglass interlayer for dimensional stability. 

Recommended Application
NFSI certified High Traction Flooring is recommended for the prevention of slip and fall accidents in public wet areas. Safefloor Guard qualifies for use in food preparation and food service, for use in produce isles of supermarkets, and for A.D.A. applications, such as ramps. Transportation uses include rail cars, aircraft galleys, buses, shipboard use and transportation platforms. It is used in Healthcare, Sports, Spa's and around hot tubs Safefloor Guard is also used in oil change bays of automotive service stations.

Short Form Specification:
Safefloor Guard vinyl flooring shall be a calandered sheet vinyl in rolls 2m x 20m (6'6" x 66') x 2.5 mm (.10") gauge, with a fiberglass interliner for dimensional stability and granular chips of silicon carbide for high traction. Safefloor Guard is manufactured in the E.U. (Italy) for Tek Stil Concepts, Inc., P.O. Box 67, Haddonfield NJ 08033, in colors as specified by the architect, designer, or facility owner. NFSI Certified Products meet the requirements of B101.1 ANSI/NFSI Standard Test Method for Measuring Wet SCOF (Static Coefficient of Friction of Common Hard Surface Floor Materials COF>.60.

Rolls: 6'6" x 66' x .1" (2 x 20m x 2.5mm) 430.6 sft/roll (40m²)

Rolls: (.70 lb/sft) (3400 gm/m²) 300 lb/roll 136 Kg/roll

6 speckled colors with silver carbide chips.

Color Match and marbleization are subject to commercial tolerances. No claims for visible defects or shade matching are accepted after installation.

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