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AZO ESD Conductive Berber

AZO ESD Conductive Berber

Physical Properties and Installation & Maintenance

ESD conductive < 106 ohms Berber is an industrial carpet designed for extra heavy commercial traffic. It is used in ESD static control areas such as electronics manufacturing, military, telecommunications, or sensitive data processing centers.

Manufacturing Technology
Produced by a non-woven double needled technology from Asota branded extrusion colored mixed heavy denier olefin staple fiber and graphite coated conductive fiber.

Recommended Application
Quality Control Areas; Electronics Manufacturing; Office Areas near static control manufacturing; Warehouse spaces for ESD sensitive materials; Medical Testing facilities with ESD sensitive equipment. Access Floors; Airport Control Towers.

Rolls 6'6" x 50' x .3/8" gauge
(2.0m x 15 m x 10 mm gauge)

Rolls: 325 sft (30m²) = 200 lb/roll (91 Kg/roll)
Tiles: 12 tiles/box (32.5 sft./box ) = 20 lbs/box (8 Kg/box)


Color Match and marbleization are subject to commercial tolerances. No claims for visible defects or shade matching are accepted after installation.