High Technology Specialty Flooring
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Soft Color Details

Physical Properties

Flooring Radiant Panel ASTM E648; NBSIR 75-950; NFPA 253, Critical Radiant Flux 0.73 W/cm², Class I
Resistance to Light Fading ISO 6-78 good (indoor use)
Shore Hardness A 75
Chemical Resistance Very good to most diluted acids, alkalis and common detergents.Some solvents can swell or dissolve vinyl.(Request detailed information from manufacturer).
Not resistant to rubber (yellowing from certain antioxidants, oil based grease, tar based asphalt, lipstick cause permanent staining or discoloration.

Soft Color 350 meets or exceeds requirements of Federal Specification LF-475A and SST 312b for dimensional stability, flexibility, resistance to reagents and residual indentation.


Installation & Maintenance

Follow detailed manufacturers installation instructions.

Install only on approved sub-floor surfaces
Install only on sub-floors which have a permanent Moisture Barrier and are dry < 3.0 lb/1000 sft. vapor emissions; 85% rH and with a pH of 7-9 per Moisture Limitation Specification

Use UZIN KE 2000 S water based acrylic adhesive. Alternately use full surface Sigaway® Original dry double faced textile reinforced dry adhesive may be used when installing Euro-Flex™ over concrete, or over existing flooring, such as VAT, VCT, wood, fiberglass, epoxy or metal. Heat welding provides ultimate sanitary and bacteriological control properties, as well as chemical resistance, surface moisture resistance and must be employed whenever smooth, monolithic floors are required to prevent penetration of dust, moisture, bacteria, pathogenic substances or chemicals into seams. (Installations such as in food processing, food service, hospitals, laboratories, etc.) Welding of euro-flex HT tile may be omitted entirely whenever ordinary, non-wet maintenance conditions prevail, and welding is not specified. Liquid welds are not recommended for floor applications. Make a test patch prior to installation.

Recommended Maintenance

Cleaning Instructions for Solid Vinyl Flooring

Limited Warranties
Limited warranties vary by product, and are applicable only if materials are installed professionally on suitable and approved sub-floors Concrete Subfloors and Moisture Testing with approved adhesives and within the approved moisture limits, on sub-floors which have a permanent Moisture Barrier and are dry < 3.0 lb/1000 sft. vapor emissions; 85% rH and with a pH of 7-9 per.