High Technology Specialty Flooring
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Eazy Tile NFSI High Traction Details

Physical Properties

Flooring Radiant Panel  ASTM E648; NBSIR 75 950; NFPA 253, Critical Radiant Flux .73W/cm², Class I
Resistance to Light Fading lSO 6 - 7 good (indoor use)
Residual Indentation EN 433 .04mm
Abrasive Wear, Frick Taber EN 660 - 2 2 mg/1.5mm
Abrasive Wear, Taber 1000 gm weightto wear layer penetration (end point) H-18 wheels >> 25,000 cycles
National Floor Safety Institute Test  www.nfsi.org High Traction >0.60 Certified
Static Coefficient of Friction ASTM C-1028-89 dynamometer pull method .80 wet
Impact Noise Reduction ISO 717-2 > 13 dB
Shore Hardness 94
Static Load Limit DIN 16961.2 > 350 lbs/in2
Volume Resisitivity  NFPA 99 < 2x1011 ohms (not waxed)
Chemical Resistance Very good to most diluted acids, alkalis and common detergents. Some solvents can swell or dissolve vinyl. (Request detailed information from manufacturer).
Staining or permanent discoloration Not resistant to rubber (yellowing from certain antioxidants, oil based grease, tar based asphalt, lipstick
Euro-flex FSD HT tile meets or exceeds requirements of Federal Specification LF-475A and SST 312b for dimensional stability, flexibility, resistance to reagents and residual indentation.


Installation & Maintenance

Eazy Tile is designed for loose lay application. The tile is designed to be used in areas with sub-floor moisture problems. Sub-floors must may be of concrete, wood, metal, epoxy, terrazzo or old tile and must be firm, smooth, structurally sound and even (without cracks). Grout lines of ceramic tile should be leveled (to avoid telegraphing after a period of time). Products and building shall be brought to a temperature of at least 68°F 24 hours prior to installation. Tiles shall be installed 1cm (.5") away from walls. An expansion joint shall be installed every 200-300 lft. (similar to the precautions taken when installing laminate floors). Tiles can be cut to size with a circular or hack saw with blades suitable for wood laminates. Adhesives are not required for installation, with the possible exception of perimeter taping with siga Expofix 7710-7025 2.7" (70mm) wide acrylic double faced tape for temporary installations. Eazy Tile is designed for loose lay installation over firm sub-floors. For sanitary applications, seams can be chemically welded but this renders the tiles non-removable and can cause problems in areas with hydrostatic water pressure.

Coarse dirt should be removed by vacuum cleaning or wiping with a soft brush. Unlike conventional carbide chip based vinyl safety floors Eazy Tile High Traction Surfaces are easily cleanable. Tiles are designed for high traction, and should not be waxed. Either of two maintenance methods is acceptable: 

  • An initial treatment of 1-2 coats of Taski Under-Cover Sealer, followed by 4 coats of Taski Ombra for low gloss or 4 coats of Taski Ultra for medium gloss. Localized marks can be treated with a machine or with a wet scouring pad and cleaning spray. Wet clean with Taski R-50; Taski Combi-Gloss, spray buff with Taski Ultra Spray solutions; manual or machine scrubbing may be employed. Mop and Wipe clean methods are suitable. Dirty water can be mopped up and tiles can be left to dry. Dry buffing with high speed machines is recommended. Mop and Wipe clean methods are suitable. 

  • Mopping with a diluted 64: 1 to 16:1 (depending upon the degree of soiling) Traction Plus Floor Cleaner No TP 121 (do not allow cleaner to dry on the floor tile), followed by rinsing with clean water. Manual or machine scrubbing may be employed. 

Limited Warranty
Products are warranted against wear for ONE YEAR if installed in strict adherence to all factory specifications on approved sub-floors and by trained personnel. Products are warranted for FIVE YEARS against non-conformance to technical specifications and deterioration of properties under normal conditions of use. Warranties are limited to repairing, or at seller's option replacing products if notice of defect is given in writing and if TSC's examination shows that the products have failed under the terms and limitations of this warranty. No responsibility for the cost of removal, re-installation, or freight can be assumed under this warranty. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to determine the suitability of the materials and of the sub-floor conditions for the intended use. Color match and marbleizing are subject to commercial tolerances. Claims for color match or any other visible material defects or damages are not accepted after installation.