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ESD Anti-Static Roll and Tile Carpet - AZO Gympro 1700

AZO Gympro 1700


Azo Gympro 1700 Carpet and Module is an indoor-outdoor dense short pile velour pattern industrial flooring product designed for extra heavy commercial traffic. Gympro 1700 resists UV, pool chemicals, salt water, golf spikes, ski boots, skates and is suitable for commercial entrances. The product has a breathable water permeable backing.

Manufacturing Technology
AZO Gympro 1700 is manufactured as a proprietary Fiber V-loop double needled 1/4" gauge velour construction from blended 100% heavy denier (18-240 d.p.f.) solution colored branded ASOTA olefin fibers, in a UV light fade- and chemical and mildew resistant product. The materials have a primary latex backing that extends to the middle of the carpet, but shall not extend to the pile fiber. For crush resistance and clean-ability the carpet shall not have a latex or acrylic finish impregnated face fiber so as to mask minimum presence of heavy denier fibers and lack of needling density.

A proprietary secondary backing is blended from natural and ground recycled rubber and penetrates into half the total thickness to make the carpet water permeable.

Recommended Application
Azo Gympro 1700 rolls or modules are an extremely densely needled product which is especially designed for sports applications, such as tennis and basketball. It is suitable for use outdoors, in commercial entrances, on rail platforms, as spike resistant carpet in golf and country clubs, in locker rooms or on bleachers of sports stadiums, weight rooms, around ice rinks, swimming pools and retail showrooms. Gympro 1700 3'3" x 6'6" modules may be loose laid as a temporary gymnasium floor.

Short Form Specification: (See Group I Specifications)
Carpet shall be Azo Gympro 1700 (50 ozs/sy) 1/4" gauge double needled dense short pile velour pattern indoor outdoor carpet as manufactured by ISO 9001 Certified Manufacturer AZO GMBH, Germany and as distributed by Tek Stil Concepts, Inc., P.O. Box 67, Haddonfield NJ 08033. Carpet shall be in rolls 6'6" x 50' (2m x 15m) or tiles 19.7" x 19.7" (50 cm x 50 cm) or loose lay modules 3'3" x 6'6", in colors as selected by the Architect or Building Owner. For crush resistance and clean-ability the carpet shall not have a latex or acrylic finish impregnated face fiber so as to mask minimum presence of heavy denier fibers and lack of needling density. 

Azo Gympro 1700 3’3” x 6’6” modules may be installed loose lay. For spike ski and skate resistance please consult detailed installation instructions. For dimensional stability the product must be glued down with TSC-300 adhesive. Indoor installations may be made with Sigaway® Original and have the benefit that Sigaway® sticks to the backing, allowing later removal of the carpet. Please note that perimeter taped loose lay carpet can expand and form irreversible creases under rolling loads.

Use commercial high power dual motor beater bar type vacuum cleaners frequently. For periodic wet cleaning, use 140oF hot water extraction. For persistent soil use neutral, non film forming detergents, such as Taski R-50, by any accepted commercial wet carpet cleaning method. Follow detailed maintenance instructions

Limitations of Warranty
Please consult details of limited warranty for UV resistance (outdoor applications); Commercial Abrasive Wear warranty; Spike and skate resistance warranty.

Product purchase, purchase of adhesive TSC-300, and installation details must be registered at the time of installation. 

In the event of a warranty claim established to the manufacturer's satisfaction, AZO GMBH agrees at its option, to repair or to replace the product out of current lines at the time of replacement. The labor costs of removing and/or reinstalling replacement materials and associated freight costs are to be borne by the purchaser. No liability will be assumed for any consequential damage, loss or expense. No liability will be assumed for commercial shade variations or for materials with visible defects after such materials have been installed. 

Standard Colors
Special Order Colors (4000 sft. minimum orders)

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