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ESD Anti-Static Tile Carpet - Eazy Tile NFSI High Traction

Eazy Tile NFSI High Traction

Physical Properties and Installation & Maintenance

Eazy Tile is a tough, loose lay interlocking 1/3" gauge tongue-in-groove solid vinyl flooring system for heavy commercial traffic. Eazy Tile is designed for permanent or re-deployable installation over existing level floors. Old floors may have sub-floor moisture conditions, oil contamination or flaking paint.

Loose lay Eazy Tile installations have the appearance of regular glue down tile.

Eazy Tile has a wear layer of rigid, non-plasticized solid vinyl that is co-extruded onto a support layer of homogeneous plasticized vinyl. The non-plasticized rigid vinyl wear layer resists soiling and is extremely durable. 

Eazy Tile HT surface is one of the Nation's first solid vinyl tiles to become High Traction Certified (August 02). 

Manufacturing Technology
Eazy Tile is a made by co-extruding a rigid hard vinyl .1" (2.5mm) wear layer onto a solid, unfilled rigid .2" (5mm) backing and routing male and female grooves on the edges. 

Recommended Application
Eazy Tile is used in retail stores; as portable flooring (for leased spaces,) in showrooms; public facilities; as temporary flooring in museums; in schools; in basements; in factories; in any areas with moisture problems, or wherever old flooring must be preserved (historical buildings.) Eazy Tile is the ultimate resilient solution for spaces where adhesives cannot be used on existing surfaces. 

Short Form Specification
Eazy Tile shall be a 14.2" x 14.2" (360mm) loose lay rigid 1/3" (7.5mm) total gauge solid vinyl tile with a routed tongue-in-groove interlocking edges, as manufactured in the EEC for TekStil Concepts, Inc., P.O. Box 67, Haddonfield NJ 08033. Eazy Tile shall be in standard or custom colors, in smooth semi glossy SD (semi-dull) or coarse High Traction SD semi-dull finish, as specified by the Architect of Facility owners. 

NOTE: Do not use outdoors or if building temperatures consistently exceed 85°F (softening of interlocking grooves). Do not use under forklifts or other heavy rolling loads.

Do Not apply rolling loads on carts with small (< 2") casters (Loads in excess of 500 lbs/4 casters). Rolling Loads at temperatures of > 85°F can cause problems with the dimensional stability of the tiles (softening of tongues).

Do not use vinyl tiles under black rubber wheels, such as in automotive showrooms, as there can be permanent discoloration (browning) due to the antioxidants used in rubber. 

Tiles: 14.2" x 14.2" (350mm x 350mm) 14/box (19.6 sft.)

Tiles: 14 tiles/box = Weight/box 44 lb/box (19.6 Kg) Rolls: 175 lb/roll (76.5 kg)

12 standard colors. Custom colors require a >3,500 sft. order.

Choose smooth semi-dull or coarse semi-dull High Traction Certified surface finish.

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