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ESD Anti-Static Soft Color Type 350 Vinyl Sheet Flooring

Soft Color

Physical Properties and Installation & Maintenance

Soft Color Type 350 features an opaque light absorbing, non-reflective solid color surface of cushioned sheet vinyl flooring. Soft Color is designed for medium traffic applications. Soft Color vinyl should only be used in facilities where the type of foot wear and casters can be specified by the property owner. 

Manufacturing Technology
Soft Color Type 350 is manufactured by co-extruding a homogeneous vinyl solid color non-reflective wear layer over a cushioned vinyl backing.

Recommended Application
Soft Color 350 was designed for use on floors or walls in Photo, Cinema and TV Studios. It also finds use as a Theater Stage or Dance Floor.

Short Form Specification
Soft Color cushioned sheet vinyl flooring shall be a opaque non-reflective surface of homogeneous co-extruded solid colored surface over cushioned backing in rolls 1.5m x 20m (5' x 66'), as manufactured in the EEC for Tek Stil Concepts. The material shall be manufactured as a 2mm (.080" gauge) cushioned vinyl. 

Rolls: 5' x 66' (1.5m x 20m)   330 sft/roll (30m2)

Rolls: (.65 lb/sft) (2000 gm/m2)   132 lb/roll 60 Kg/roll

16 solid opaque non-reflective colors, as specified by the architect, designer or facility owner.

Different tile colors for Soft Color cushioned sheet vinyl flooring for floors or walls

Color Match and marbleization are subject to commercial tolerances. No claims for visible defects or shade matching are accepted after installation.

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